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Spring Skin Care Advice from Southwest Michigan Dermatology in Kalamazoo

We Are Excited to Tell You Are Tips and Tricks to Helping You Create The Best Spring Skin Care Regimen. Call (269) 321-1705 for More Information or to Schedule a Skin Consultation.

With the warmer weather, increased humidity, and sunshine that spring brings, it’s time to think about you skin care regimen. In this post, the team at Southwest Michigan Dermatology in Kalamazoo has some advice for you now that winter is officially over.

Scrub and exfoliate

Winter may have left your skin in somewhat rough shape which has left you with a desire to get your glow back. Exfoliation is your friend and will help get rid of any buildup and toxins you have acquired over the cold, snowy season. You may want to consider microdermabrasion followed by moisturizing in the form of a mask and/or lotion and cream.

Less heavy formulas

During the winter, because of the dry air, the use of heavier lotions and serums is prevalent in order to keep skin from drying out. As the humidity level rises, there is no longer a need for heavy oils you may have been using to combat the dry air. Instead, try something oil free with SPF.

Use sunscreen

While it’s important to wear sunscreen all year long, it’s especially important once the sun gets closer in spring and summer. Just because you still have a jacket and the sun doesn’t feel that warm in spring, you are still absorbing a lot of UV rays. Don’t wait for summer to begin applying and reapplying sunscreen while you’re outside.

Consider eye cream

The brightness of the sun that comes with spring causes a lot of people to squint. In order to combat the lines and wrinkles that can come from squinting, throw on a pair of sunglasses and invest in eye cream that will not only help fill in lines and wrinkles but also block UV which can wreak havoc on the collagen in your skin.