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Superficial Radiotherapy

Superficial Radiotherapy in Portage, MI

Superficial Radiotherapy (IG-SRT) is a low-dose radiation treatment that very effectively destroys non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids with a 99.3% cure rate. Contact Southwest Michigan Dermatology today or schedule an appointment online.

Superficial Radiotherapy in Portage, MI
Superficial Radiotherapy in Portage, MI


Am I radioactive, and is my treatment dangerous to myself or others?

No, you are not radioactive and your treatment is very safe.

Does the treatment penetrate bone?

No, the treatment only penetrates a few millimeters into the patient’s tissue and has little effect on
normal surrounding tissue.

How long will I be in the office each day for treatment?

Treatments generally take about 10-15 minutes total. (Simulation on the first day takes 30-45 minutes.)

How many treatments does it take?

It takes about 20 total treatments, averaging 3-4 treatments a week, to complete therapy.

A Step- By- Step Overview of What to Expect

Biopsy; A biopsy is performed on a suspected skin lesion in our clinic with a Southwest Michigan
Dermatology Provider.

Biopsy Results Call; A member of our clinical team will contact you with the results of your biopsy,
identifying a skin cancer. Treatment options will be discussed via phone to determine the best
treatment option for you. While you consider your options, our team can run a VOB for IG-SRT.

VOB; While you are considering your treatment options or if you decide that IG-SRT is the best
treatment option for you, we will gather a VOB to identify the estimated cost of this procedure. Your
VOB is based on your specific health insurance.

Treatment Decision; Once the VOB is complete, a member of our billing staff will contact you with the
estimated cost of the procedure and arrange any payment plans. Once you decide to treat your skin
cancer with IG-SRT, our Board Certified Radiation Therapist will call you to schedule your simulation

Simulation; This simulation is the most important part of the treatment planning process. During this
appointment, you will receive further education on what to expect during treatment. An ultrasound
image will be obtained at this appointment to clearly show the extent of the skin cancer cells below the
surface of the skin (depth). Treatment parameters will be determined by your health care provider, who
will identify and mark the area of treatment. Your IG-SRT treatment will be customized based on the size
and depth of your skin cancer.

Treatment; All IG-SRT Treatments are completed in our office in Portage, by our Board Certified
Radiation Therapist, under the supervision of your health care provider. A total of 10-15 minutes of your
day will be spent in our office, with only 30-40 seconds of that time being the actual IG-SRT treatment.
Each day, your Radiation Therapist will acquire and review your ultrasound with you so you can see the
progress of your treatment. A dermatologist will visit you every 5 treatments to review your case and
ensure you are well on your way to being cured.

Follow up; After the completion of your treatment, you will follow up with your Radiation Therapist and
Dermatologist in 4 weeks to re-evaluation. A close look from your health care provider and an
ultrasound acquired at this appointment will help clearly identify the success of your treatment. In rare
cases, a boost treatment may be required to help fully resolve your skin cancer.

Boost?; A boost is an additional dose of treatment given over a few visits. Although fairly uncommon,
the follow up ultrasound may show a possible persisting skin cancer, which would warrant the need for
a boost.